How to install Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware on ClearOS

2021-07-20: WikiSuite will now support all major Linux distros. Thus, the information below is no longer updated. It may still be valid, or not. It will be eventually removed from this site, so anything relevant should be moved to the appropriate site. For anything related to ClearOS, please search among the following: ClearOS site, code base, Developer docs, Wiki or forum.

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The guide is to install Tiki directly on ClearOS. Instead, you may prefer to install TRIM (and install one or many Tikis via TRIM)

High level overview

  1. Install the dependencies: Apache web server, PHP and MariaDB
    • Since the default PHP version is too old (5.4), you need to get a more recent version
  2. Set the firewall rules (by default, it's closed so specific ports need to be opened up)
  3. You create a website via the web interface, and indicate domain name and settings. At this point, you could install any PHP application.
  4. Install Tiki as you would on any other web host (like on shared hosting)


If you will install Tiki via SVN (or TRIM)

At one point, you will likely be asked to choose between OpenLDAP, Samba and Active Directory. Pick OpenLDAP


Create website space

See also: How to set up websites on ClearOS

Install Tiki

Optional setups

Configure OpenLDAP

Please see: How to configure Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware with OpenLDAP for ClearOS

Search within files

Optional: How to configure ClearOS to permit Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware to search within files

Data file storage

If you are going to have a lot of files (several hundred or more) or large files (10 Megs or more), you should change the setup to store them in the file system instead of the database. Please see: https://doc.tiki.org/File-Storage#Ideal_scenario

Cron Job to Rebuild Search Index

Advanced users

Install Tiki from SVN