How to install MariaDB on ClearOS

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MariaDB replaces MySQL in ClearOS 7.x (vs 6.x)

Install MariaDB

Via the web interface

  • Search for "Database" in the marketplace
  • Install

Via the command line

yum install app-mariadb


  • Visit https://example.org:81/app/mariadb
  • Start it (it will automatically restart on server reboot)
  • You'll need to set a root password
  • You will then have access to phpMyAdmin

To change setting for the PHP used by phpMyAdmin for MariaDB (ex.: upload size, or timeout) (but as of 2016-03-20, phpMyAdmin is broken by the upgrade to PHP 5.6) fixed

nano /usr/clearos/sandbox/etc/php.ini
service httpd restart

If you installed before February 2017

To change the MariaDB settings

nano /etc/my.cnf.d/server.cnf
 service mariadb restart

Value description default recommended
ft_min_word_len Minimum word length of MySQL full text search 4 3
max_allowed_packet To permit to upload files larger than 1 meg 1M 16M

If you installed after February 2017

Default settings have been changed: