How to install Kibana on ClearOS

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Kibana is a dashboard and analytics tool for Elasticsearch.

Status as of 2018-04-28: Kibana is at v5.6.8 . The app is pretty much complete. Just needs some documentation on how to configure after installation.

How to install

On ClearOS 7.x
yum install app-elastic-kibana

RAM: You need at least 3 GB of system RAM to run Elasticsearch (which is required for Kibana) (1 gig for ClearOS and 2 gigs for Elasticsearch). A warning message is shown in webconfig if the requirement is not met. If you are just hacking around, you can change the default Elasticsearch usage from 2 GB to 1 GB. To do so, update the following options in /etc/elasticsearch/jvm.options:

About the app

  • Since Kibana depends on Elasticsearch, please see How to install Elasticsearch on ClearOS
  • The Kibana interface is protected via a reverse proxy, and users must be in the "Kibana Users' group in order to login.


  • Document how to use (connect to Elasticsearch, put reports in wiki pages, etc.)