How to install Adminer on ClearOS

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Adminer is an alternative to phpMyAdmin to manage your MySQL / MariaDB (and even Elasticsearch!) data.

Please note that

How to install via the command line

Go to a web accessible directory such as
cd /var/www/html

Get the latest stable version
wget https://www.adminer.org/latest-mysql-en.php

Use here:

When you are finished, make sure to delete
cd /var/www/html
rm latest-mysql-en.php

How to create a user with full access only to one specific DB

Login you on root user of MariaDB

  • Server: localhost
  • Username: root
  • Password: created in ClearOS's MariaDB app
  • Database: leave blank

Adminer Login

Then create a new database and select it or select one in a list.

Unless you have a reason to do otherwise, pick utf8_unicode_ci as a database collation (when creating a new database)
Adminer Databases

Click on Privileges

Adminer DB

Click on Create a user

Adminer DB Privileges

Fill out Server, Username and Password area, then check the All Privileges box. Don't forget to click on save button.

Adminer DB Privileges Create User


To test everything is OK. Log out, and login with the newly created user. This user should only have access to one database.