ClearOS Web Server functionality

  1. Add options to edit at least the same configurations that are available on the flexshare web portion, including for each individual add on site.
  2. Add options to edit php settings - Add a button to create and edit .user.ini files per directory
  3. Do not serve pages untill the Default site is configured. - Right now the server shows the page regardless of being configured, and it can cause problems if you setup a site before configuring the default website and than create it. Interface of web server should warn if the default site is not configured. Perhaps the page served before the site is configured should warn about it not being configured.
  4. Create a button to create a phpinfo.php file on each new site, it will be helpfull on checking php settings on each folder, perhaps include a web link to the file as well
  5. Add a button to set the files and folders ownership to apache:apache

The application is ready, Github : ClearOS Web Server functionality, for questions and suggestions, contact TEAM DRC
The project being finished, Rodrigo made some suggestions: on the list of websites, we should turn the address into links so we can click on them,