ClearOS Web Server Details and Description

2021-07-20: WikiSuite will now support all major Linux distros. Thus, the information below is no longer updated. It may still be valid, or not. It will be eventually removed from this site, so anything relevant should be moved to the appropriate site. For anything related to ClearOS, please search among the following: ClearOS site, code base, Developer docs, Wiki or forum.

Please contact us if you would like to help out.

The WebServer app extends ClearOS panel adding a controls to add and configure websites hosted on server. This is done by using Apache VirtualHosts feature.

WikiSuite team is working on this app to let user configure PHP directive and also see other useful information on ClearOS panel, like system path where website lives and PHP version on website summary list.

The merge requests for those improvements are:

  1. https://gitlab.com/clearos/clearfoundation/app-web-server/merge_requests/4
  2. https://gitlab.com/clearos/clearfoundation/app-web-server/merge_requests/2