ClearOS Web File Manager: Add elFinder

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Please contact us if you would like to help out.

ClearOS needs a File Manager in the administration panel to make it easy to manage many files and folders in the system.

It has be able to see and edit files that start with a dot, usually hidden.

There should be a way to limit a user to a folder and sub folders or some folders not hierarchically organized. Reason being that at times you want to give users the ability to manage files on their own directory (Remote Users).

Other times you have an web app being installed by someone else on that server. Ex: The Business buys a new custom php app, and it wants the contractor to install it directly.

FTP access my not be ideal 100% of the time as it does not allow for files to be extracted once uploaded, or even compressed before being downloaded. So you give access to the folder by FTP and by Web File Manager as well.

It has to be able to create new file, upload, download, copy, copy and replace, copy and maintain both copies, move, edit, edit and save as a new/different file, extract, compact, set rights and ownership.

Webmin has a File Manager like this, but it downs have all the features.

We need something like the file manager in CPANEL but with the options to control file ownership, so it can set it to apache:apache etc, watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smMY3_eWpZQ

Marc suggested we try elFinder, because

  1. It's used in Tiki: https://doc.tiki.org/elFinder so it will keep UX more consistent within WikiSuite
  2. Jonny knows it quite well
  3. Jonny and Marc recently looked at the alternatives, and even if elFinder is not as active as we'd want it to be, it's the best option in our context.