ClearOS Storage App enhancements

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Provide a way to manage Disks or LVMs, etc.

If at some point during the operation you need to add, remove, replace disks, resize partitions or LVMs, you will have to do it by hand. There is also the problem of mount points, where you might want to setup a disk as a location for Flexshares for instance, and there is no way to do it in the interface. forcing you to use the command line to manually setup the disk, partition, mount point, and editing the FSTAB config file.

With the future possibility of using clear to host Virtual Machines, this is is must

The app needs to provide:

1: an overview of what is currently setup
2: Ability to : Add or remove disks (non-RAID)
A: Create partitions
B: Add mount points (path where the disk partition will be mounted)
C: Mount NTFS Partitions (Most external 1 TB drives are formatted with NTFS because of windows compatibility)
D: Delete partitions
E: Resize partitions
F: Integration to Flexshares (when creating a Flexshare the Flexshare app should ask the path to where to create the Flexshare)
G: Block deletion of partitions being used by Flexshares
H: Mount/Unmount External Drivers (NTFS or not, including flash drives)

Extra: It would be nice to have it integrated with the webserver app as well, you may desire to put your website, app, or wikisuite on a SSD for the speed, while the rest of the files are on HDD. (hard drives)

We can look at other projects interface for these features, some like FreeNAS, OpenMediaVault.

If there is a need to setup any of them, I would suggest OpenMediaVault, as it does not require as much hardware as FreeNAS

Here is why this needs to happen:

ClearOS showing how EASY it is to create a raid system in the console. Anytime ClearOS Admins have to touch the console we know that is something ClearOS needs to be improved on.

Here is how HARD it is to replace a failing HD in a RAID array in FreeNAS