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Description Assigned toPriority
Add a Chatbot to WikiSuite5 (low)
Add a proofreading tool to WikiSuite (Grammar, spelling, etc.)5 (low)
Add support for Tiki to be able to use TogetherJS in Openfire instead of standalone instance or SaaSguus.der.kinderen, Victor Emanouilov2
Add Team functionality to password management (web access to KeePass data)4
Anonymous users do not have edit rights, and thus not be offered inline editsjonny.bradley3
Build an awesome CRM, with all relevant components working smartly together4
ClearOS content filters applied to Tiki content to detect posting of bad content5 (low)
Create ClearOS app for TRIM, from which to install Tiki2
Cyrus data (IMAP/JMAP mailboxes, but perhaps also Contacts and Events) to be accessible to Elasticsearch and Tiki3
Dogfood: preview side-by-side diff: blank instead of diffjonny.bradley3
Extend Syncthing in WikiSuite to offer the functionality of Seafile, OwnCloud, etc. (ClearOS, Tiki and Syncthing interoperability)3
Files on disk (can be in ClearOS's FlexShare and or Syncthing) to be accessible to Elasticsearch and Tiki3
FusionPBX / FreeSWITCH access to ClearOS OpenLDAP / Tiki address book5 (low)
IMAP folder tracker field type5 (low)
Implement Multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all apps2
Interoperability between Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware and Openfire4
Mailing lists without Mailman, using only Tiki and ClearOS groups3
Openfire Meetings planner to be a resource calendar in Tiki5 (low)
Openfire XMPP chat and video logs to be searchable, and accessible to Tiki3
Test and document the Jitsi - Tiki provisionning in the context of WikiSuite5 (low)
Tiki Newsletters and Cyrus IMAP interoperability5 (low)
Use Tiki categories and/ or tags outside of Tiki (ex.: Emails, Files, etc.)5 (low)
WikiSuite Blockchain prototype5 (low)
WikiSuite demo instance (refreshed periodically)2
WikiSuite development environment2
XMPP presence indicator in webmail, and mini-chat4

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