How to set up websites on ClearOS

You need to create a website in ClearOS as per https://www.clearos.com/resources/documentation/clearos/content:en_us:7_ug_web_server

Some steps may show up if you haven't done before

  • Set up your certificate information (just fill in the info)
  • Choose between OpenLDAP, Samba and Active Directory. Pick OpenLDAP.

Best practice is to not to use your main domain name as your default website.

Default domain: server.example.org

Additional domain: example.org

files will be at /var/www/virtual/server.org/html/

Pick PHP 5.6 instead of PHP 5.4 when you create new websites -> How to install a PHP version picker on ClearOS

Please note that you must also configure your DNS to point (sub)domains to your server. This is a service typically offered by your domain registrar.

How to restart Apache

service httpd restart

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