How to reinstall ClearOS on Linode

So you followed How to install ClearOS on Linode and now, it's time to start over? (destroy all the data)

Note: This will destroy / wipe / annihilate all your data on your server.

Wipe and rebuild your ClearOS

  • Select Rebuild

2017 08 21 Rebuild Linode

  • Click on the Deploying using StackScripts

Deploying Using StackScripts

  • Search for Clearos, select the ClearOS 7 StackScript and continue

ClearOS   ClearOS 7

  • Write a root password and pick 512 MB instead of 256M

Root Password   Linode

  • Whenever the "Host Job Queue" processes finished, click on Boot button.

Boot Button

  • Going on Remote Access for see properties

Remote Access

First boot wizard

It takes a few minutes for the system to upgrade the CentOS image to ClearOS. When the system is ready, you will be able to login via the web-based administration tool:


Accepts in your exemptions this unsecured connexion.

Login with root access.

Proceed through the rest of the web-based install wizard to tune your system and install apps!