How to install Syncthing on ClearOS

Syncthing is a file synchronization tool. This app is "Syncthing for the server".

Status as of 2017-11-24: The app is complete. The next step is to ask both ClearOS and Syncthing communities to test extensively.

To install Syncthing within the WikiSuite environment, follow the next steps.

yum --enablerepo=clearos-contribs-testing,clearos-updates-testing install app-syncthing

To update

yum --enablerepo=clearos-contribs-testing,clearos-updates-testing upgrade app-syncthing syncthing

Note: Syncthing doesn't run as root and, thus, you need to create at least one user that has access.

Then, visit https://example.org:81/app/syncthing to configure

Each authorized user can then manage his or her Syncthing instance at: https://example.org:81/syncthing/ (the trailing / is necessary).
If Syncthing is protected with Two Factor Authentication, users first need to log in to https://example.org:81/ before accessing https://example.org:81/syncthing/ .


2016 12 01 Syncthing Admin Panel ClearOS


  • Multi-user: Syncthing has the concept of devices and not users. But ClearOS's Syncthing user plugin now controls whether an individual user can configure her or his own Syncthing instance.
  • Optional support with the Dynamic Firewall for additional security (like two factor authentication).


  • ClearOS manages the authentication to the Syncthing app (which is a good thing because it can offer additional protections like Multi-Factor Authentication). However, it means that you can't log in to Syncthing with user B if you are already logged in to ClearOS with user A. If you do, you'll get a message: "You are already logged in!"


  • After adding a new user in syncthing_plugin group, you need to click the button Renew Webconfig Reverse Proxy Settings to restart and regenerate webconfig config files with the new user.
  • Syncthing cannot self-upgrade because all daemons (should) be running as non-privileged users, and an upgrade can only be done as root which we do not want running for security reasons. We will have to push upgrades out via RPM/contribs repo as needed. It is quite easy. Thus, you'll see some warnings like "Automatic upgrade: open /usr/bin/syncthing746215824: permission denied".
  • Even if a user's permission to use Syncthing is removed, it can take a day for Syncthing to remove the "running" label.

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