ClearOS development

Big picture discussion

  1. We want ClearOS to be a better platform to manage multiple PHP-powered websites, to be a more interesting platform to host websites and attract web developers (aka the ClearOS web server app). On a typical WikiSuite installation, there will be at least one Tiki instance and, most likely, another one for testing / development. We don't need to be an advanced platform to manage shared hosting (like ISPConfig is with billing, resellers, etc.) but some things should be better.
  2. We want ClearOS to be a great development environment for all apps in WikiSuite, starting with Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware. So Tiki developers can develop on and go to production on the same platform.
  3. See: ClearOS App Development
  4. How to build a system to demo WikiSuite
  5. Roadmap for the email / webmail system in WikiSuite
  6. Make apps for each component (Elasticsearch and Kibana, FusionPBX (including FreeSWITCH), Kimchi (including KVM), Openfire Meetings (including Jitsi Meet), Syncthing, Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware, Xibo, and WikiSuite as a meta app)
  7. Others issues listed below

Task tracker

Description Assigned toPriority
Access ClearOS/OpenLDAP address book from Jitsi (Test and document)5 (low)
Attack detector (Fail2ban) for Clearos: add more info and options to admin panel5 (low)
ClearOS content filters applied to Tiki content to detect posting of bad content5 (low)
ClearOS in Gateway Mode Refuses to Route KVMs2
Create ClearOS app for TRIM, from which to install Tiki2
Create ClearOS app for WikiSuite3
Create ClearOS apps for FusionPBX and FreeSWITCH5 (low)
Document logging, monitoring and alerting options4
Extend Syncthing in WikiSuite to offer the functionality of Seafile, OwnCloud, etc. (ClearOS, Tiki and Syncthing interoperability)3
Fail2ban should be checked in clearos (attack detector) to ensure the correct param are set to prevent more than just a few (<10) connection attempts2
Files on disk (can be in ClearOS's FlexShare and or Syncthing) to be accessible to Elasticsearch and Tiki3
FusionPBX / FreeSWITCH access to ClearOS OpenLDAP / Tiki address book5 (low)
IMAP folder tracker field type5 (low)
Implement Multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all apps2
Investigate for a solution to permit self-hosting without a fixed IP address (such as PageKite)4
Investigate tools to facilitate management on the command line 5 (low)
Look into https://reproducible-builds.org5 (low)
Mailing lists without Mailman, using only Tiki and ClearOS groups3
Make app-kimchi Check and Fix Missing KVM Settings2
Test and document the Jitsi - Tiki provisionning in the context of WikiSuite5 (low)
Test FusionPBX with SQLite4
Tiki Newsletters and Cyrus IMAP interoperability5 (low)
Use Tiki categories and/ or tags outside of Tiki (ex.: Emails, Files, etc.)5 (low)
Users / groups / permissions for ClearOS interop with Kimchi5 (low)
WikiSuite demo instance (refreshed periodically)2
WikiSuite development environment2
WikiSuite Orchestrator4
Xibo support on CentOS 7.x (ex.: via Docker)4



  • Should work for PHP-CLI. Or if too much work, should be quite recent (like PHP 5.6) because some of the PHP-CLI apps don't run on PHP 5.3 Solved in latest version of PHP engines.
  • How about override of php.ini? and httpd.conf?
  • /var/www/error
    • Why do I have Content-language: cs Content-type: text/html; charset=ISO-8859-2 ?
    • How to override for /var/www/virtual ?
  • How could Tiki Remote Instance Manager (TRIM) create new websites via the API (instead of GUI)

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