ClearOS App Development

Even on WikiSuite context, the procedures to create and contribute on ClearOS apps are the same as documented on official documentation. Basically, it consists in:

  1. Download ClearOS - https://www.clearos.com/resources/documentation/clearos/content:en_us:7_e_downloading
  2. Install ClearOS - https://www.clearos.com/resources/documentation/clearos/content:en_us:7_a_starting_the_install
  3. Setup a development environment - https://docs.clearos.com/en/getting-started/developer-environment
  4. Start coding - https://docs.clearos.com/en/app-development

For WikiSuite developers (RDCongo devs), all work apps code should be hosted and pushed on Gitlab, preferable in rdcongo group (https://gitlab.com/rdcongo). The repositories have a special file called .gitlab-ci.yml that instructs Gitlab to create RPM packages and make it available for download, so other people can download and test it.

To contribute to existing apps, the developer has to fork the target app from https://gitlab.com/clearos/clearfoundation group and create a branch, with a descriptive name, for the change he wants to propose. After pushing changes, a build process will be triggered on Gitlab and if this process succeed, the developer can send a merge request to original repository.